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- What's "itasha"?

"Itasha", the latest trend of the world-class Japanese nerd culture has been now packed as an iPad photo collection. The photographer Tomoyuki Sakaguchi took pictures of cars belonging to 22 itasha lovers who decorated each vehicle with their favorite anime/manga/game characters. All the pictures seem taken in a photo studio. However, these are taken in a parking lot at night with 9 small strobe lights only. The application features high-quality "itasha pictures" taken by Sakaguchi along with interesting stories of each itasha car and its owner. The anime drawings are applied to cars and they're now part of a 3 dimensional reality, but Sakaguchi managed to bring them back to their 2 dimensional world.

- "itasha" photographer profile

Tomoyuki Sakaguchi
Born in 1969 in Kagawa, Japan. BSc in Earth Sciences, Okayama University, MSc in Earth and Planetary Science, the University of Tokyo and graduated from Unit 2 Dept, Nippon Photography Institute. Awarded the prize of "Society of Photography" for the photo collection "HOME" (Sokyu-sha) in 2008. Sakaguchi took pictures of a residential district in the suburbs of Tokyo with a long time exposure. Thanks to the unique atmosphere of his pictures, the collection gained a good reputation and has been considered as a sublime creation: the residential district seen by an alien perspective.



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- "itasha" Application Information:

Requirements : Compatible with iPad, iOS 3.2 or later
Languages : English, Japanese
All pictures are provided by : ©Tomoyuki Sakaguchi
Design/Program : forYou inc. (LCD Clock, MyWebClip,pockechara)
Produce/Sales : Digital Adventure

WebSite :【Ita☆sha】

"itasha" is a photograph collection for iPad of ITASHA of which the professional photographer took a picture.

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